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Free Stuff From Marlboro


Head over to their website and either sign up or log in your account to check if you have any of these offers in your account. You Might get the Free Sunglasses, Free Personalized Steel Cup, or Free Sea Salts.

Free Stuff From Marlboro

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  1. Diana Walker says:

    The Marlboro website has been down for “maintenance” for at least 2 days.

  2. christine dean says:

    I got my glass from marlboro today!! Its just a plain plastic glass, no logo or nothing!!!

    • Christine all Marlboro merchandise that is given away will always have no logo. I think there is a law or they are discouraged from internet give a ways with cigarette logos. I have been given free wallets, glasses, dart sets, and all without logos

      • A Big Thank-You to Marlboro for all of the free Items that You have sent me The stainless steel cup,Darts. and cigarrette coupons. Trying to get those sunglasses know,lol. Keep handing out those free Items make us cigarette smokes feel like were getting something wjth the big price we pay for our smokes and it fun getting things in the mail.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey how u apply

    • Anonymous says:

      i got my glass from marlboro and its a short glass that has blue color on the bottom its a rock glass . got my darts set to and a shaker, and playing cards, cig butt container , steak sauce , and im getting a pair of sunglasses :)

    • i got all kinds of free stuff from marloboro … from a shaker, dart set, to coupons, steel cup , cig butt container, and a pair of sin glasses , playing cards thanks marlboro

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve received many things from marlboro. I saw someone say they got a zippo recently, I’ve been looking for it with no luck. Pretty sure I would have gotten an email, in one of my 5 names!

  3. sherry says:

    i try to get on there and do but no offers except my coupons i always get thank you marlboro but i would really like to have been able to have the pesonalized mug that would have been awesome . i will keep checking thank you marlboro

  4. Thanks for the heads up! I got free steak sauce!

  5. Why do I just get coupons,why do I never get the glasses, darts, or even the mug, how do I get free stuff..

  6. can find ay free stuff you offer

  7. Ben Gillis says:

    For some reason the Marlboro site has been down for Maintenance for about a month. Have coupons to print and freebies but can’t get on.

  8. I registered with Marlboro and so far I received the steel pint mug with my brand on it, the darts, and 2 pocket ashtrays. Not to mention I get my coupons monthly. I haven;t seen an offer for sunglasses tho.


    I didn’t get the promo for the free glass.

  10. Yeah, I sure would like something besides coupons. I like my coupons but when I see what others are getting it makes me sad. :-(

    • I get a lot of my free offers for the Marlboro freebies off of www. or See i that helps. Marlboro is suppose to give away 800 pair of sunglasses away today @ 4pm EST. Hope this helps.

  11. Marlboro actually gave me two free tickets to the movies a few months ago, I was a lil shocked and did not expect my local theater to honor it, but they did and my honey and I got to see Django Unchained. Thanks Marlboro! I also got the darts and cig butt container :)

  12. Heather O says:

    I always forget to check for new offers. Have received coasters, and now they are shipping my steel “branded” mug.

  13. I checked and my darts are on back order..hope they do come..cause all I see now is the coupons..hope the site gets fixed soon

  14. Nichoel says:

    In the past I have won and already received a very nice dart set, and the steel cup ! Love the freebies !!!

  15. candace says:

    I love the Marlboro site!! I have gotten free sunglasses..a free stainless steel steel tipped darts…coupons off packs or cartons..a nice zippo lighter,,,,and sea salt in a nice container…the offers keep coming in…love it!

  16. Getting mine! I have gotten an American flag guitar zippo before, never filled it, but plan to! :P

  17. I got an email about a free zippo lighter but i cant seem to find it on the site.. i did get the darts and steel mug though..

  18. I have got the coupons, lighter, and the steel mug from Marlboro. I did research when I seen there was no logo on the lighter or steel mug. Any cigarette manufacturer that are giving out prizes like that now are not allowed to put their logo on them as it is an incentive to get younger people to smoke. That is what the sergeon general states and we all know that they are against smoking.

  19. Marlene Thomas says:

    I Like Marlboro I will not smoke any thing else and the freebies are a special treat!!!

  20. christy says:

    love all my freebies,still waitin for my darts n my shot glass love my steel one makes my coors light taste awesome !!!! love ya marlboro!!!!!

  21. deeds0709 says:

    I got coupons every month for cigarettes and snus, I got a steel pint glass with my own brand on it, jalapeno sea salt, and today I got sunglasses. I love their site!


  23. Free sunglasses? Yes please!

  24. I got the zippo lighter, Steel pint glass, and now just got the steak sauce. When you log onto you account, go to (my Marlboro) it will tell you what offers are available to you.

  25. Barbara says:

    Thanks to Marlboro for all the free stuff!

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